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Take action for dogs affected by BSL

We want to see the government launch a parliamentary inquiry into the effectiveness of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and assess other options to improve human safety and dog welfare. Ultimately, we want to see BSL repealed. Add your name to our petition below:


Why are we campaigning?

  • Studies show that BSL has not reduced dog bite incidents in Ireland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands or Belgium. 
  • Since 1991 in the UK, 37 people have died in dog-related incidents - 28 of which involved dogs not prohibited by BSL.
  • In England, hospital admissions due to dog bites recorded between 2005 and 2015 increased by over 76% despite the prohibition of certain types of dogs.
  • There is no specific research to demonstrate that dogs bred for fighting are naturally aggressive towards people or that they are unique in the way they can bite.

Ways to protect public safety

We believe that a three pronged approach is needed to better protect public safety:

  • Effective legislation and enforcement to tackle dog-related issues regardless of breed or type and based on their behaviour
  • Education particularly targeted at children, who are most vulnerable from dog bites
  • A better understanding of why dogs bite

Ways to effectively protect public safety have been explored in other countries and it is clear that much of the focus is on encouraging responsible dog ownership and education.

BSL has been reviewed in many countries worldwide and the trend is to repeal this type of legislation. This has been achieved in the Netherlands, Italy and Lower Saxony, Germany as well as many US administrations.

Find out more about our proposed solutions and recommendations in our detailed report: Breed Specific Legislation: A dog’s dinner

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