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Circuses are no fun for animals!

Lion in a cage

The complex needs of wild animals can never be adequately met in a circus environment. Regular transport, cramped and bare temporary housing, forced training and performance are all unavoidable realities for the animals.

Wild animals don't belong in the circus

Due to the travelling nature of circuses, wild animals, such as lions and tigers, who'd typically roam for miles every day in the wild, are restricted to beast wagons’ and small barren temporary enclosures for much of the time.

It's not uncommon to see circus animals displaying repetitive behaviours such as pacing and rocking from side to side. They're not dancing, they're displaying signs of distress.

Wild animals do not voluntarily jump through rings of fire, balance on balls or stand on their front legs. It’s time that wild animals can say goodbye to the circus for good:

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