Act now for animals

A new era of animal welfare campaigning is now upon us

A once in a generation opportunity

We know that together, we are stronger. Because of this, we're thrilled to announce our coalition of 50 animal welfare charities has been successful in urging the UK Government to announce a new animal health and welfare strategy.

Together with our friends at many other animal organisations, we released a report called "Act Now For Animals", with 40 recommendations covering companion animals, wildlife and farm animals.

Act Now for Animals report

The report sets out the sector's priorities for creating a society that rebalances the way we rear, live and work with animals. We urged the UK Government not to waste a 'once-in-a-generation opportunity' to redefine our relationship with animals.

Driving societal change

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the inextricable link between people, planet, animals, food and health. We're more aware than ever how the way we live our lives impacts climate change and biodiversity. There's a growing realisation throughout society that change is urgent and necessary.

From across the animal welfare sector, we've come together to amplify our voices on behalf of animals. This is our biggest chance to give animals a voice and to make more changes than ever before.

Driving societal change isn't easy. Building agreement when there are conflicting priorities and seemingly bigger and more important challenges is hard, but we believe the prize of a better life for millions of animals is worth fighting for.

Animals deserve more - and to break the unsustainable cycle of climate change, find solutions for food insecurity and reduce the risk of pandemic disease - governments need to do more.

#ActNowForAnimals with the Kept Animals Bill

This is a milestone moment for animals, but the Kept Animals Bill has already run out of time once before.

In the promising Kept Animals Bill, the UK Government pledged to better protect farm animals by ending live exports, crack down on puppy imports, and finally put an end to primates as pets in England.

Sadly, the Bill ran out of time and was carried over to this parliamentary session. But MPs need to hear from you. The Bill should be prioritised and get completed before the summer.

Together, we can send a powerful message

This is our chance to make a difference, and it takes only a few moments to #ActNowForAnimals. We've put together a letter for you below, and you can even add your own thoughts as you make your voice heard by your MP.

We hope you'll join us and with just a couple of clicks, you can stand up for primates, protect pups and stop the needless suffering of farm animals (especially cattle and sheep) on long journeys.

Victory is within sight, but we can't let the UK forget its promises.

No animal is left behind in our 2021 roadmap for animal welfare.

Download Act Now for Animals report

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