Transporting or moving chipmunks

Transporting your chipmunks with care will help reduce the stress associated with moving them. Ideally, avoid transporting your pets unless absolutely necessary to avoid causing any distress at all. If you¿re considering moving your chipmunks because you¿re going away, you might want to consider having someone care for them at your home as this can be less stressful than moving.

Under the EU Invasive Alien Species Regulation, Siberian chipmunks may only be transported for animal welfare reasons, such as when they are taken to a vet, boarding establishment or if you are moving house. It's important that your pets are transported securely and are not allowed to escape. Further information can be found on page 6 of the document `FAQ for UK stakeholders.¿

Handling your chipmunks

When moving your pets, never pick them up by their tail and remember, chipmunks are agile and can be difficult to catch! 

Chasing chipmunks around the enclosure to catch them will only cause stress and so a calm approach is best. To capture your chipmunks ready for transportation you can try:

  • Padded nets
  • Using sliding doors to close the nest box when occupied
  • Setting a live-catch squirrel trap

Chipmunks should be gently picked up using cupped hands. It can be advisable to wear strong gloves when handling them to protect yourself from being bitten. 

Help your chipmunks feel safe during transportation

When being moved, you can help your chipmunks feel comfortable and safe by adding familiar smelling items in carriers and new environments. This can help your pets feel more at ease during this time.  Some moist fruits and seeds should also be added into the carrier to last the whole length of the journey.

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