How can I enrich my rabbit's environment

male agouti rabbit inside a rabbit designed area in new house © RSPCA

Creating an enriched environment for your rabbits can help them be happy and healthy. To ensure rabbits get the most from enrichment, follow these guidelines:

  • Ensure all materials are non-toxic with smooth, rounded edges.
  • Regularly inspect items for damage or things that might injure your rabbit. Repair, discard or replace any items that become damaged or dangerous.
  • Keep a close eye on your rabbits when first giving them a new item in case it makes them stressed or frightened. If it does, remove the item and watch their behaviour.
  • Ensure rabbits can move away and hide from novel items and social contact with other friendly rabbits or people.
  • If you have multiple rabbits, give them enough items for each rabbit to avoid them competing for them.
  • Regularly rotate toys and objects to keep them interested and stop them getting bored.
  • Rabbits need a predictable routine - if they get used to receiving a certain toy or other item at a specific time each day, keep up this routine to avoid stressing them.
  • Don't fill your rabbits' housing with so many items they can no longer exercise easily. Rabbits need to run, jump, stand fully upright on their back legs and take a sequence of continuous hops      
  • Be careful with fabrics - fabrics such as towels, blankets, 'vetbeds', rugs or carpet could cause your rabbits harm if they eat them. Only provide such materials if you're sure they won't chew and eat them, or only when you can supervise your rabbits.

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