How to introduce cats to company

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If your cat enjoys human interaction, they will appreciate regular contact. This included while you're away, so making sure a trusted person is around will help your cat adjust.

When introducing cats to a dog, the process is best done gradually. Also, as cats often prefer to live alone, when introducing cats to each other it's best to do so patiently and carefully.

Remember, cats may not accept new cats into the home that they have not grown up with. If your cats don't get along, making sure they have enough space will help.

 Top tips for appropriate company for cats:

  • Two tabby kittens entwined in a bed © Andrew Forsyth / RSPCA Photolibrary
    If your cat enjoys human interaction, give them regular contact with people, even when you're away.
  • When you go away, make sure your cat is taken care of by someone responsible such as a trusted friend, family member or house sitter. If your cat is left without company or entertainment for a long period they are likely to suffer.
  • Don't force your cat to interact with people or animals they don't like. If you want to introduce a dog to your cat, do it gradually. See our guide to introducing dogs and cats (PDF 408KB).
    Cats often prefer to live alone so you need to think very carefully before getting another cat - it could compromise your current cat's needs. If you decide on another cat, seek advice and introduce them patiently and carefully. See our guide to Introducing cats (PDF 564KB).
  • Bear in mind most cats will only be friendly with cats they grew up with and may not accept new cats into the home.
  • Cats who aren't friendly to one another don't like to share (e.g. food, water, litter, bed) or to pass each other closely. If your pets don't get along, make sure to provide space to avoid each other at all times and accessibility to everything they need without having to pass one another.
  • If your cat's behaviour becomes problematic, speak to your vet for advice. 


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