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Raising welfare standards for turkeys

We're working in a number of ways to raise welfare standards for turkeys in the UK and beyond. Here's more on what we're doing.

Developing higher welfare standards for turkeys

We encourage as many turkey producers as possible to adopt the RSPCA welfare standards for turkeys, which have been developed to ensure higher standards of welfare are met from hatching to slaughter/killing. The standards cover all the key areas affecting turkey welfare, for example ensuring that there's enough space and environmental enrichment for turkeys to move around, exercise and perform natural behaviours.

turkey standing on hay bale © RSPCA

Campaigning work

In previous years, we've campaigned at Christmas time to encourage everyone to choose turkeys reared under higher welfare conditions, such as those labelled RSPCA Assured (previously Freedom Food), free-range or organic.

If you're concerned about turkey welfare, you may like to know more about how you can help.

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