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If you eat meat, fish, eggs or dairy products and are concerned about farm animal welfare, then please look out for products labelled with the RSPCA Assured (previously Freedom Food) logo. 

RSPCA Assured (previously Freedom Food)
labelled products are from animals reared on farms inspected to strict RSPCA welfare standards. The standards are informed by scientific evidence and practical experience and cover every stage of the animals lives, including during rearing, transportation and slaughter/killing.

The Freedom Food website provides information on where to buy RSPCA Assured labelled food.

If more consumers insist on higher welfare products from animals who have been well cared for throughout their lives, including during transportation, more supermarkets will want to stock them, which will encourage the food and farming industries to improve their practices and ultimately more farm animals will benefit.

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Dairy calves undergoing live export © RSPCA Photolibrary

Please support our campaigns to improve the welfare of as many farm animals as possible, at every stage of their lives.

Find out about some of our work to improve the conditions for animals during transport.

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