Environment for pigs kept as pets

  • A pig should not be kept in the home.
  • Pigs will spend a large part of the day exploring their environment, rooting and foraging at the earth, causing the land on which they are kept to be greatly disturbed with all visible signs of vegetation quickly disappearing. 
  • Pigs should not be exposed to draughts, sudden temperature changes and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Size of living area

  • A minimum area of 36 square meters (e.g. 6 x 6 metres) is needed per pig, but ideally a larger space should be provided. 
  • It is important that pigs have sufficient space to allow them to make separate areas for dunging, exploration and sleeping.


  • Pigs should have access to warm, dry, draught-free, straw-bedded accommodation, as they easily get cold. They must be provided with somewhere dry to lie down.
  • Accommodation should be well ventilated.
  • The house and everything inside should be cleaned frequently and disinfected to remove parasites.

Outdoor area

  • Pigs must be provided with a wallow and shelter from the sun (pigs can get sunburn and/or sun stroke) in warm weather.


  • Pigs are very strong so robust fencing should surround their living area to prevent escapes.
  • Fences should be well maintained and provide protection against wild animals. 
  • Ensure that the pigs cannot become trapped/injured.


  • Straw, hard plastic balls and tyres can be placed in the pig pen for the pigs to play with, encourage exercise and prevent boredom.

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