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8 simple DIY loo roll games to keep your pets entertained

Here at the RSPCA, we hate to see anything go to waste - and we like to promote things that are fun for families and their pets. So we've come up with eight DIY makes you can create at home to keep the kids - and your pets - entertained!

1. Rabbit treat toy

What you need: One tube per rabbit, hay and rabbit treats.

Place a small piece of carrot or any rabbit treat in the middle of the tube and then stuff it with hay from each end. Leave your bunny to nibble the hay or tube to get to the special treat inside. To turn it into a cracker you could wrap it in brown paper and twist the ends.

2. Dog treat cracker

What you need: one tube per dog, dog treats.

Pop your dog's favourite treats inside the tube and scrunch each end in on itself to seal the tube then set your pooch the task of getting to the treat!

3. Hanging bird toy

What you need: three/four tubes, string, pencil or scissors, bird treats.

Use scissors or push a pencil through the middle of a tube at the centre point to create a puncture hole on each side of each tube, repeat this with three or four tubes and then feed string through the tubes (organised in a horizontal position). Leave a 1in gap between each tube and tie knots to secure each tube in place to create a stack. Ensure you have some excess string poking out of the top in order to tie the hanger from your pet bird's cage. Place your pet bird's favourite treats inside and leave them to play!

4. Cat hunt game

What you need: 15 tubes, (non-toxic) glue, cat treats or a toy.

Stack 15 tubes on top of each other in a pyramid formation and glue them in this shape (five along the bottom, four on top of that, three on top, etc) so from the side it looks like a honeycomb structure. Hide your cat's favourite treat in one of the tubes or pop a chase toy through the tube from the back and play with your puss!

5. Mouse house

What you need: Six tubes, (non-toxic) glue, hay/straw or other pet-safe bedding.

(Suitable for mice, hamsters or other small rodents!) Stack six tubes in a pyramid structure and glue them together. Fill each segment with hay or bedding and pop it in the corner of your cage or suspend it at a low height (not far off of the cage floor) to create a hanging sleeping space.

6. Tunnel or maze

What you need: Tubes and scissors.

One loo roll tube can make a fun tunnel for a small rodent but it's easy to turn multiple loo rolls into a fun maze or game. To create a hanging tunnel, feed string through the tube and hang it from hooks in their cage - not too high off of the ground! To create a maze, cut a hole in the side of one tube and feed the other tube into it to create a two-tube maze. Add as many as you like to make it as complicated as your rodents can handle!

7. Dog scent game

What you need: Cardboard box, scissors, lots of tubes and dog treats.

Use a small-medium sized cardboard box and cut off the flaps. Fill the box with lots of tubes all on their ends to create a honeycomb structure. Remove two or three tubes to create space for the tubes to be pushed and moved around. Hide a treat at the bottom of one of the tubes and then leave your dog to find it.

8. Treat ball

What you need: One tube per pet, scissors and treats.

(Suitable for small dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents or pet birds!) Cut one tube into five equally-sized rings. Slot two rings together to make an interlocking cross, then slot the other two over the top to fill the gaps. Push a treat into the middle before pushing the final ring over to seal the parcel. The parcel will roll across the floor like a toy and your pet should be able to find the treat inside for some extra fun!