Together for animal welfare with the World Federation for Animals

Together for animal welfare with the World Federation for Animals

Our Chief Executive, Chris Sherwood, talks about why partnering with international animal welfare organisations will help us reach our goals.

This week sees the launch of an exciting new initiative to drive progress in animal welfare, the World Federation for Animals. I'm so proud to have been invited as the RSPCA's Chief Executive to sit on the Federation board, alongside my counterparts from many of the world's leading animal welfare organisations.

We're focusing on our international work in 2021 and beyond

International work is such an important strand of our new ten-year strategy Together for Animal Welfare. Events of the last year have further brought into focus for all of us just how closely interconnected our world is.

Not only the threat of diseases, but climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, food security and sustainability - so many of the current challenges we face are going to require working together across borders if we're to tackle them effectively. 

Our commitment to 'eat less, eat better'

Our international activity is very much framed around the concepts of One Health and One Welfare, which stress the links between the health and wellbeing of humans, other animals and our environment.

The theme 'Eat less, eat better' drives our work around farm animals in England, Wales and globally. We're committed to seeing an end to the worst and most outdated farming systems, those that closely confine animals giving them little opportunity to meet their own behavioural needs.

'Eat better' to me means wherever possible choosing meat, fish, eggs and dairy that have been produced from animals reared to higher welfare standards. And of course, many of us have been inspired to reduce substantially - or even eliminate altogether - our consumption of animal products, and that has to be good for animals and indeed the natural environment in the long run.     

Our mission to create a more compassionate world

The World Federation for Animals is set to play a really vital part in ensuring that animal welfare is high on the agenda of the United Nations and many other multilateral bodies. One of our big ambitions in the run-up to 2030 is to see the UN pass a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

This will mean using our expertise and experience to persuade the majority of the 193 member states that the sentience of animals, and our responsibility towards them, are important shared principles in the challenges we face to ensure the sustainability of the planet.

It's going to take a huge effort from all of us, but I believe such a Declaration will symbolise the best of humanity and eventually make for a more equitable and more compassionate world.

Read our bold new strategy

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