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Dog welfare campaigns

It’s estimated that there are around 10 million dogs in the UK. Many are well treated and much loved by their owners. But, not all are so lucky and the welfare issues affecting millions of dogs are wide ranging.

From the suffering of many pedigree dogs bred for ‘looks’ over welfare, to the illegal trade in puppies, we are on the front line in dealing with these problems and caring for the animals affected.

As well as tackling these issues on the ground, we campaign for changes in the law that will have a positive impact on dog welfare. Here’s just a few of the areas where we’re calling for change: 


Electronic training devices - The RSPCA believes that training devices like 'shock collars' and 'electric boundary fences' should be banned. Read more…



A pug dog © RSPCA

Pedigree dogs - We're concerned that the way pedigree dogs are bred today, prioritising looks over health and welfare, is causing many dogs to suffer unnecessarily. Our position on pedigree dog welfare. 



Breed specific legislation - we believe that 'breed specific legislation' (outlawing certain 'types' of dogs) focuses the attention at the wrong end of the lead and would like to see the law changed. Don't believe the type. 


St Bernards at a puppy farm © RSPCA

Dog breeding and trade - The sad fact is that there are too many dogs and not enough good homes, a problem made worse by indiscriminate breeding of puppies for profit. We want to see changes in legislation to protect the welfare of both Mum and pups. Read more…


Small dog receives a microchip at an RSPCA clinic

Microchipping - We welcome the announcement from the Westminster Government that all dogs will need to be microchipped by April 2016 but for this change in law to be effective it must be properly enforced. Read more…