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Fundraising ideas

Are you looking for ideas to fundraise for us? Why not organise a fundraising event at work, school, in the community or even at home with your friends and family. Get all the material you need to run your own event in our fundraising pack now.

If you want to raise money, but feel unsure how, take a look at some of our fundraising ideas:

Group activities

Fancy dress

Pick a theme for a fancy dress fundraising event at work or school. Dress up as your ultimate superhero, or choose a fancy dress theme of your own.

Big night in

Swap your big night out for a big night in with your friends. Eat, drink, dance and laugh together whilst raising money with the cash you would have spent on a night out.

Talent contest

Competitions are fun for all ages. Why not run a paid entry talent content and invite selected judges to come along and pick a winner who’ll win a fantastic prize.

For the foodie in you

Bake sale

We all love a bake sale - bring on the cakes! Hold your sale at school, college or at work. You could even choose a theme.

Come dine with me

Why not create your own version of the well-known television programme at home. Invite a selection of people and take turns to cook a three course meal, and for a twist, ask them to donate what they feel the meal would be worth in a restaurant. Let the fun begin!

Step up to a challenge

Are you ready to run?

With runs up and down the country, there sure is a run for everybody whether you’re a park running beginner or a serial marathon lover! Find out more about raising money by running.


Walking long distances is great to fundraise for us, what’s even better is a sponsored dog walk to raise money! Do you and your dog want to join the Big Walkies pack?


Do you want your fundraising challenge to reach a new gear? If you love your bike rides, why not get sponsored by your friends and family for a challenge bike ride for charity?

Get creative

Make, build and sell

Do you love using your hands to make arts, crafts and homeware? Consider knocking up a few shelves, sewing a set of curtains or even painting some homemade birthday cards to sell online or at a local event - then donate the profits to a great cause.

Auction your skills

Have an extra special skill or know a trade? Why not auction of your skills for a day to the highest bidder and donate the proceeds, you could even ask your friends to do the same!

Find a fundraising volunteer opportunity

A few hours of your time would make a huge difference to the animals in our care.

See what you might be able to help with.