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Fundraising ideas

Why not organise and take part in your own fundraising event at work, school, college or even amongst friends? Get your copy of our RSPCA fundraising pack - it contains everything you need to make your event a success, including a template poster, sponsor form, paying in form and a form to order extra fundraising materials, such as invitation cards, t-shirts and a donation box.

Don't forget to set up a fundraising page to help you achieve your fundraising target!

Month by Month:

There are some big dates not to forget!

To help your fundraising it’s sometimes beneficial to target some well known dates. Some examples of dates how you could theme your event could be around Christmas, New Year, Halloween and of course not forgetting Valentine’s Day.

We have put together a month by month calendar which highlights lots of interesting dates and times of the year – some you probably won’t believe are real. Monthly fundraising calendar (PDF 108KB).

More ways to support your fundraising

How to make your fundraising event a success

How to promote your event