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rspca sheep
The Government is set to approve gene editing in farm animals and we're extremely worried

There are serious welfare and ethical issues surrounding the practice of gene editing which could threaten generations of farm animals and we're concerned. Here's why...

Born Free Foundation and the RSPCA call for an urgent review of current exotic pet legislation following joint report published today

Exotic pets are commonly deprived of one or more basic welfare needs.

Senedd Cymru Welsh Parliament
Constituents line up to urge their Senedd Members to 'pack the ballot' with animal laws

RSPCA Cymru 'Laws for Paws' campaign proposes ten ready-to-go Bills which MS' can put into an upcoming Senedd ballot for Member-proposed legislation. 

Tandie in her new foster home
Spaniel fostered by family who adopted her brother 14 years earlier

Tandie was rehomed by us as a puppy but ended up back in our care after her owner sadly died

RSPCA investigating after 15 sick puppies were abandoned in crate

Concerns that the pups are the result of a demand in 'lockdown puppies'

RSPCA investigating after 15 sick puppies were abandoned in crate

There are concerns that the pups are the result of a demand for 'lockdown puppies'.

RSPCA dismay as targets for killing badgers are increased despite government pledge to stop

The new seven culling licences could result in 7,200 badger deaths in addition to the 68,730 badgers that could be killed in the existing 30 permitted cull areas.

Sheep standing in a field
New Zealand trade deal critical to set welfare red lines, says RSPCA

The RSPCA has said a lack of transparency about trade deal talks with New Zealand has set alarm bells about animal welfare protections in the UK.

Horses and ponies victims of deliberate cruelty daily throughout the summer, new RSPCA figures reveal

Shocking new RSPCA figures show that more than 3,000 horses, ponies and donkeys have been victims of deliberate abuse over the last five years across England and Wales.

Trudie after recovering
'Miracle' cat who survived being hit by bus searches for new home after RSPCA spend five months nursing her back to health

Trudie the 'miracle' cat is now on the look-out for a loving new home


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