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"The worst is yet to come." We fear a second wave of equine crisis
We've been called about more than 2,000 equine incidents during lockdown, sparking fears that more sick horses will be dumped across England and Wales.
We support calls for Animal Sentencing Bill to be made law by Autumn

The Government's commitment to increasing animal cruelty sentences to five years has been delayed.

We appeal after pet owner returns home to find pet dog with severed head and front leg hanging off
We're appealing for information to help find the person responsible for beheading a dog and severing her front leg before leaving the dead pet to be found by her distraught owner.
Finding love during lockdown: 1,100 of our animals in new homes under new Covid rules
More than 1,100 animals have moved into homes during lockdown - as strict new measures are put in place to ensure rehoming follows social distancing rules.
Our new litter figures warn of the increased dangers as lockdown eases
More than 21,000 reports about animals affected by litter prompt call for crowds returning to popular beaches and tourist hotspots to dispose of rubbish carefully.
Wildlife litter warning after our dramatic swan rescue
The lives of two tangled swans were saved after they'd become caught up in the discarded toy.
We rescue two seals with netting tangled around their necks
We're urging fishermen to responsibly discard of fishing litter, such as netting, to avoid more unnecessary casualties.
Cat crisis: we've taken in more felines than any other animal during Covid crisis
As the kitten season gets underway, we could see an influx of even more as unneutered cats give birth to unwanted litters.
Fox cubs come a cropper to tin cans, vases, tyres and walls
We've received 1,700 calls relating to foxes during lockdown - some stuck in sticky situations...
Abandoned dog rescued with severe leg injuries
Zena was found with her mouth bandaged shut and was howling in pain when we rescued her.

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