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Cropped puppy © RSPCA
Man paid £3,000 to arrange cropping of nine puppies

The cropped puppies had been left for weeks without pain relief

Deer with antlers stuck in barbed wire fence
We rescue unusual white fallow deer with antlers stuck in barbed wire fence

We, along with the local fire service, rescue a stuck white fallow deer on Sunday (April 25). 

Molly's ear injury
RSPCA appeal launched after cat shooting in Willenhall

Eight-year-old Molly's owner returned to her home, off of Stroud Avenue, to find her cat in a very bad way.

Make up brush and cosmetics © Laura Chouette
We welcome change in China's cosmetics testing regulations

By 2030 we want to see a global commitment to end all animal experiments.

RSPCA Rescuer swimming out to trapped buzzard
RSPCA rescuer swims to save trapped buzzard

An RSPCA rescuer swam out into a lake to save a buzzard tangled in a discarded fishing line and released it back to the wild hours later.

How we found the badger
Badger released back to the wild after getting trapped in Ceredigion snare

The badger was spotted struggling amid shrubs and hedgerow - before our officer found that the wild animal had become trapped by a snare.

Inspector Tina Nash and cat
RSPCA centre in Sussex reads to group of five nervous cats to help build up their confidence

'Bookworm cats' Lily, Babs, Pickle, Nutmeg and Basil were all rescued from a multi-cat home.

Emaciated horse Bonny © RSPCA
Animal abusers to face tougher sentences as new law passes

After years of tireless campaigning, we're today celebrating this milestone moment. 

World Day for Laboratory Animals © RSPCA
World Day for Laboratory Animals

We reflect on progress made towards alleviating severe suffering for lab animals.

Marmosets rescued by officers © RSPCA
Marmosets rescued and rehomed by specialist sanctuary

We rescued a family group of six marmosets after their owner contacted us to ask for help and found them a new home at a specialist sanctuary.


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