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Fundraising terms and conditions

We are very grateful that you have chosen to fundraise for the RSPCA as we could not carry on our vital work without your support. The tips below are intended to help you carry out your fundraising; please read them carefully before you start to fundraise.

1. You may wish to fundraise for the national RSPCA, registered charity number 219099 or you may instead wish to fundraise for your local RSPCA Branch, a separate, volunteer-run charity with its own charity number. To find out about your local RSPCA branch visit: Your local RSPCA

2. You should display the applicable registered number of the charity you are fundraising for.

3. As an independent supporter (as opposed to an employee or paid fundraiser for the RSPCA) please note that should refer to your fundraising as being 'in aid of' (and not 'on behalf of') the RSPCA. This means you do not represent the charity.

4. In law, you will be a trustee of any funds raised and must ensure that all donations and sponsorship money from your event is paid to the RSPCA. You must inform potential donors if any amount or percentage of the funds you raise will not be paid to the charity.

5. You may need to carry out a health & safety risk assessment for your event and to ensure that all participants are fully briefed and adequately supervised. Depending on the nature of your event, you may need insurance to cover your liabilities.

6. You understand that if you do something that threatens or damages the name or reputation of the RSPCA we will ask you to stop fundraising immediately.

7. You may need a licence for your activity or event e.g. a licence from the local authority to collect funds on the street, in a public place or by going from house to house; a licence under the Gambling Act for a raffle or lottery; or a licence for the sale of alcohol / entertainment.

8. Depending on the nature of the activities at your event, you may need to account to HMRC in respect of VAT or income tax.

9. If you are collecting personal information from donors, remember that there are requirements under the Data Protection Act 1998 relating to how you deal with that information.

10. Please encourage eligible donors/sponsors to make gift aid declarations. This will make the most of your fundraising efforts by enabling us to recover basic rate tax on their donations.

11. You may only use fundraising materials that you have a right to copy and use. You will need our written consent to reproduce the RSPCA name, acronym and lozenge logo (all registered trademarks) yourself, and to use certain RSPCA copyright materials. Apply to use RSPCA trademarks and materials.

12. We would like to receive photographs of your event - if you wish to share these with us, please email them to and we will use them to promote our work.

13. If you are under 18, your parent/guardian takes responsibility for you under these T&C (which you have shown them), please also ensure they are happy about what you've chosen to do.

14. If you no longer wish to receive hints and tips about your event(s) and/or you wish to change your communication preferences, or find out information on how we use your data, including details of our Privacy Policy, please contact the Supporter Services Team on 0300 123 0346.

Queries? Please contact us at if you are unhappy with any of our services, we also operate a complaints handling procedure

If you no longer wish to receive hints and tips about your event(s) and/or be kept informed about future RSPCA events, please email  or call 0300 123 0346.

Collection tin terms and conditions

  1. Permission for a collection must be granted from the appropriate persons. If the collection tin(s)/bucket(s) are for use in a  private property, permission should be granted from the property owner. If the collection tin is for use in a  public place, the local authority must be contacted.
  2. All collectors must be aged 18 or over.
  3. Any donations collected must be donated to the RSPCA National Society registered charity number 219099. If you wish to fundraise for your local branch please contact them directly.
  4. All donations collected must be submitted in full to the RSPCA. No deductions made for expenses or fees can be made.
  5. A witness, over the age of 18 must be present at the counting of donations.
  6. If the tin(s)/bucket(s) are lost or stolen, or you believe the contents are being pilfered or interfered with in any way,  you must contact RSPCA immediately and report it to your local police as soon as possible.
  7. If the tin is going to be unattended at any time, the attached chain should be used to secure it.
  8. Collectors should undertake their work in a courteous and ethical manner which maintains the high standing of the RSPCA and which places no undue pressure on potential site holders or donors to participate in collections.
  9. Collection tin(s)/bucket(s) must only be used with unbroken seals. If the collection is static and ongoing, (e.g. a collection tin on a shop counter or bar), the tin must be emptied after three months and all donations must be submitted to RSPCA. If you wish to continue your collection after three months, please contact, who will supply you with further security labels.
  10. Your collection tin(s)/bucket(s) may be kept for a maximum of 12 months if undertaking a static collection and within one month of an event or collection.
  11. When your collection tin(s)/bucket(s) are full, please count your collection and pay it into your own account then send it to us by filling in the online paying in form (, calling our Supporter Services team to pay over the phone (0300 123 0346) or sending us a cheque with your contact details and a brief description of the donation to RSPCA Events, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1GY. Please then return the tin to the RSPCA Events address above.
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