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£18 could help our Animal Rescuers carry out more urgent rescues in time


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  • £18 could help our Animal Rescuers carry out more urgent rescues in time.
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RSPCA Animal Rescuers never forget the shocking abuse and neglect they encounter - some of it so distressing, it's hard to look at.

The worst ear infection I've ever seen

"When we found this black and white collie cross, living in horrific squalor, he looked like an elderly dog. He had practically no fur, was riddled with fleas and was in agony from a chronic ear infection which he scratched until it bled.

In fact, he was just 18 months old.

It took many weeks for him to recover from his ordeal, but with our care, thankfully he regained his health. Sadly, I see many shocking cases of neglect like this - but with your help each month, we can rescue more animals like him in time."

RSPCA Animal Rescuer

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