Payroll Giving

Through Your Salary

Payroll Giving is a simple way to make regular donations to us straight from your salary. You can donate as much or as little you like and you can stop your donation at any time. Payroll Giving benefits our work enormously as it provides a regular income, allowing us to plan for the future so we can make sure that we will always be there for animals in need.

If you choose to change the amount you give, just inform your work's payroll department. Your donation is deducted from your salary before tax, so a £10 pledge will only cost £8 for a standard rate tax payer or £6 for a higher rate tax payer.

By setting up a donation through your salary you can help us to stop animal cruelty.

  • Over 1,030,000 calls to our Cruelty Line in 2017
  • Over 141,000 complaints about cruelty
  • Over 690 defendants convicted.

Table of giving

You donate
Cost to you (20 percent tax payer)
Cost to you (40 percent tax payer)
£5 £4 £3
£10 £8 £6
£20 £16 £12


We rely completely on public donations and promise to never give up trying to protect animals in need. Payroll Giving is an brilliant way to give and your donation is boosted  because your donation is taken out before tax, a £10 a month donation actually only costs you £8 and the taxman pays the rest. Sign up today.

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