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Thoughts from an RSPCA major donor

Enabling a ‘good idea’ to get and stay of the ground
Lady Patricia Saxby shares her thoughts behind her decision to donate £10,000 to the RSPCA Hastings Wild Things project, which aims to bring access to nature to disadvantaged young people in East Sussex.


1. What was it about the Hastings Wild Things project that inspired you to give your £10,000 donation?

Mallydams Wood Education Centre, Boy holding beetle, RSPCA Andrew Forsythe

The project's appeal was the holistic approach it has taken to encouraging an opportunity of exposure, appreciation, understanding and hopefully, respect for animal-life to people whose lives rarely have given them the chance to experience any form of relationship with animals.

I really like the way that the RSPCA is working with other organisations, like Sussex Wildlife Trust and the NSPCC, to deliver the project; each organisation brings its own area of expertise.

2. Do you feel the RSPCA appreciates your support?

It was clear that the RSPCA appreciated my donation and I was impressed when Karen from the major donor team came to visit me at home to tell me more about the project. It was lovely to see her enthusiasm and the information I received gave me confidence in supporting the project.

3. What difference do you feel your donation has made?

Mallydams Wood Education Centre, girl cuddling lurcher dog, RSPCA Andrew Forsythe

Always one of my thoughts after making a reasonable size donation to any charity is, "How will it be used and how long will its benefit be felt?" Certainly I think I've been kept informed as to what is happening and up to date the project’s progress. I was invited to see the project for myself, but unfortunately was not able to attend, I hope to visit very soon to see the difference my donation is making.

I hope that my donation has enabled a "good idea" to get and stay off the ground in these tougher times.

Contact the major donor team

Tel: 0300 123 0276

Email: mdteam@rspca.org.uk

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