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RSPCA Major Donations

Major donations are one of the most effective ways to help animals at most risk of cruelty and neglect.

We have a specialist team dedicated to helping major donors fund the work that matters to them most.

To find out more about projects in need of your support, please contact us.

Tel: 0300 123 0276

Email: mdteam@rspca.org.uk

Here are examples of the significant impact you can make:

Retired working horse at Gonsal Farm - RSPCA/A Forsythe

£290,000 could run RSPCA Gonsal Farm Equine Rehabilitation Centre for a year, caring for 40 neglected horses and ponies at any one time.




Group learning at RSPCA Mallydams Woods Education Centre © RSPCA

£100,000 could support our Lottery endorsed 'Hastings Wild Things' project educating 2,000 vulnerable children against animal cruelty.




RSPCA Inspector Herchran Boal © Andrew Forsyth/RSPCA Photolibarary

£60,000 could keep an RSPCA Inspector on the road for a year, investigating cruelty and rescuing over 300 distressed animals.




Injured kitten at RSPCA Putney Animal Centre © RSPCAPhotolibrary/Joe Murphy

£25,000 could pay for a new X-ray machine for one of our animal hospitals or clinics helping us deliver 183,000 medical treatments in 2012.


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