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Why we need your support

A gift in your Will can help us be here for animals in the future, every single day.

If you decide to leave us a gift in your Will it means that when an animal needs us in the future we will be here to help them, or even save their life.

Over the years, gifts have helped us build and maintain our animal centres and hospitals. Today, these gifts are as vital as ever, allowing us to invest in essential new facilities like an on-site veterinary suite at Blackberry Farm Animal Centre.

How gifts in Wills have helped

As well as preparing animals for rehoming, Blackberry Farm looks after case animals, whose owners are awaiting court verdicts. This can mean long periods of kennel and cattery time for animals who have already been through a great deal.

At any one time Blackberry Farm can be responsible for the care of a variety of more than 200 domestic animals. The new vet suite means the recovering animals don’t have to endure stressful journeys to receive treatment.

This was only made possible due to the generosity of a supporter who left a gift in his Will.

Julie Allen, Centre Manager, said:

It’s a wonderful thing for somebody to do for us and I hope a fitting memory of the supporter.

A gift in your Will helps us care for animals

Gifts left to us in Wills pay for over half of all our work. They’ve helped us be here for animals every single day.

In the future, when an animal comes to us hungry or neglected, a gift in your Will can mean we are able to care for them. If they come to us injured, we can treat them and help them recover. If they come to us having endured fear or trauma we can help them rebuild their trust and begin a new life.

These days, the process of making or amending a Will is relatively straightforward. Find out how you can remember the RSPCA in your Will or contact us for more information.