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Remembering the RSPCA

Here are some of the things you may wish to consider when making or amending a will.

Wording for your Will

If you decide to remember us in your Will, you may find the wording in the document below helpful when speaking with your professional legal advisor.

The document includes the recommended wording to, for example, leave a legacy to a specific RSPCA branch or to appoint the RSPCA as an executor of your estate. For further information please contact us or call us on 0300 123 0239.

A pecuniary gift

This is the gift of a specified sum of money. Bear in mind that because of inflation the value of this gift can be affected over time.

A residuary gift

This is where you set aside a portion or all of your remaining estate, known as the residue (what is left over after the payment of debts, funeral expenses, administration costs, and all the specific and other gifts have been paid) to be divided between named beneficiaries.

A specialist advisor

We recommend that you use a specialist legal advisor when making or updating a Will.  Before your appointment it can be very useful to make two lists:

  • Your assets (property, shares, valuable objects)
  • People and causes you wish to leave something to.

Your specialist legal advisor may give you their own form to fill in prior to your meeting.

A specific gift

This is where you leave a specific named item to a named beneficiary, such as a car, property, item of jewellery etc.

Your executors

Before seeing a specialist advisor you may wish to consider who your executor(s) will be. Your executor(s) are responsible for carrying out your wishes as written into your Will – you can choose up to four.

Family members, friends or professional advisors (e.g. solicitor or accountant) can all be your executor(s). The RSPCA can also act as your executor.

If you appoint the RSPCA as your executor, it’s helpful to let us know in case we need additional information.