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Animals can't stop cruelty. Together, we can

Every summer, we see a peak in cases of cruelty to animals. They can’t speak up. They can’t fight back. But we can. With your help, we can cancel out cruelty – and rescue more animals in desperate need.

Together we can cancel out cruelty

Right now, animal cruelty is happening in England and Wales on a massive scale and rising. During the summer months, an animal is beaten on average every hour of every day. Sadly, soaring pet numbers in recent years mean this summer could be even worse.

We will always be there to help animals in desperate need. But we rely on your donations to do it. And now more than ever, we need everyone who can to take action.

£10 a month could help our Animal Rescue Teams reach desperate animals.


Your donations in action

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If you prefer to support the RSPCA’s work in your area, donate directly to your nearest branch.