null Man paid £3,000 to arrange cropping of nine puppies

Man paid £3,000 to arrange cropping of nine puppies

A man has been jailed for permitting the cropping of his nine puppies' ears.

The Bristol man appeared at the magistrates' court on Thursday 6 May to be sentenced. In March, he pleaded guilty to one offence of permitting a prohibited procedure to be carried out, namely the cropping of ears, on nine puppies, contrary to Section 5 under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

On 6 January 2021, Inspector Kimily Walters visited a home address in Bristol after a report from a member of the public with concerns about the welfare of a number of dogs at the property.

Nine cropped puppies sleep in kennel © RSPCAKimily said:

"A member of the public had contacted our cruelty line and was worried about the welfare of the dogs, reporting that a litter of puppies had had their ears cropped.

"I attended the home with police and the man invited us inside. In one room of the outhouse there was a litter of nine 15-week-old bull breed puppies. They were all fast asleep, piled on top of each other in a makeshift kennel area. It was clean and tidy and the puppies appeared in good condition but had all had their ears cropped. Their ears were red, crusty and had not yet healed.

"He told me he had bred the puppies and that he owned their mother, Xena, and father, Pablo. Both dogs were outside along with a third, an eight-month-old called Skittles, who he explained he'd also bred. Pablo also had cropped ears and the owner explained that he'd been cropped before buying him and importing him from overseas."

Police officers also seized the nine cropped puppies

Another bitch and her 12 four-week-old puppies were being kept in a shower cubicle. Police seized all 13 dogs as well as Skittles and took them in. Police officers also seized the nine cropped puppies who went into RSPCA care. 

In interview, their owner admitted that he had arranged for someone to come to his home, take the puppies away and crop their ears. He said he paid £3,000 for all nine pups to be cropped.

Puppy being check by vets © RSPCAThe court heard that he intended to sell the puppies and that they'd received no pain relief following the procedures until they were taken into RSPCA care around three weeks later.

At court he admitted to permitting the puppies' ears to be cropped, an offence under the Animal Welfare Act. He was sentenced to 14 weeks custody and was disqualified from keeping dogs for 15 years.

Sentencing him, magistrates said:

You arranged for the puppies to be cropped through someone you didn't know and [they] were given no pain relief. The puppies continued to suffer pain and wound infection and you must have known they were suffering and they continued to suffer. They saw no vet and it was all for commercial gain. You have no licence to breed these dogs.

Our dog welfare expert, Dr Samantha Gaines, said:

Ear cropping is a painful process which is carried out purely for cosmetic reasons and is often done to make a dog look more intimidating. It can, however, have lifelong implications on the dog's health and behaviour. 

Dogs can suffer from infected wounds as well as chronic ear infections, while some may remain incredibly sensitive and head shy for their whole lives. Dogs use their ears to communicate with other dogs and with humans and some cropped dogs coming into our care have demonstrated behavioural problems caused by an inability to do this normally.

Thankfully all the puppies are now in wonderful foster homes

Staple removed from puppy's ear © RSPCAThe nine puppies taken into RSPCA care are now all in foster homes. Their foster families will be able to adopt them.

Kimily added:

"Many of these pups have had ongoing problems caused by their cropped ears, including recurrent infections. One, Zeus, needed an operation because two of the staples, used to seal the wound after the procedure, had become embedded inside his right ear.

"Thankfully they're all now in wonderful foster homes and, hopefully, in time, they'll be able to forget about the awful experience they endured all in the name of looks."