Donation to help animals in Ukraine

Donation to help animals in Ukraine

We have pledged £20,000 to global animal charity FOUR PAWS' appeal for donations to help animals in Ukraine.
Contributions to global animal charity FOUR PAWS will be channeled towards local Ukrainian organisations which are working hard on the ground in the war-torn country to care for animals - this includes helping overcrowded shelters, volunteers who feed stray animals as well as rescued bears living at the FOUR PAWS Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr in the west of Ukraine.

Director of advocacy and policy Emma Slawinski said: "The tragic human disaster in Ukraine has had a knock-on effect for the animals there too.

"With many of Ukraine's animal welfare services now curtailed or shut down, we are proud to be able to help on-the-ground charities with our donation and would urge others to help if they can via the FOUR PAWS website."

Dogs in kennels in the UK © RSPCASonul Badiani-Hamment UK Country Director at FOUR PAWS UK said: "We are incredibly grateful to our friends at the RSPCA for their support.

"Not only have they kindly donated to our work in Ukraine, but they are also sharing how their supporters can be involved too. This means we can ensure help is provided right where it is needed most in Ukraine.

"Our teams have already delivered food to local shelters to assist them in caring for the growing number of animals in their care, whilst also offering support to refugees fleeing the country with their pets.

"We want to do all we can to make sure that refugees and pets are supported for the next step in their journeys and thank everyone for helping us in making this possible."

Ukrainian refugees can bring pets to the UK

This also complements newly-announced free quarantine services for pets arriving from there into the UK with their refugee owners. We have been working behind the scenes to assist the UK Government in introducing this new process for refugees entering the UK with their pets.

Emma Slawinski added: "We're also delighted that the UK Government is introducing a new process for refugees to come here with their pets. We've been working hard behind-the-scenes to assist in making this a possibility.

Pets are part of our family and during the horrific recent events in Ukraine we've seen individuals go to incredible lengths to ensure their pets get to safety. We're pleased that for those refugees coming to the UK they won't have the added heartbreak of leaving their pets behind.

We will continue to work as part of Eurogroup for Animals supporting organisations working on the ground in Ukraine to help those animals most in need.

In addition to their work with companion animals, FOUR PAWS also operates Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr in the west of Ukraine.

Earlier this month the species-appropriate sanctuary took in several bears, from White Rock Shelter near Kyiv. The dedicated staff who have remained on-site continue to monitor the bears of which there are now 33.