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Annual Review

Here for animals in need

2014 was another full-on year for us, in which we've focused on some big issues rights at the heart of animal welfare, and seen some heartening progress.

Our volunteers and staff worked round the clock to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the hundreds of thousands of animals that came into our care.

Read about some of our amazing work from last year in our online Annual Review 2014 or download and print the PDF at the bottom of the page.

Battling on 

Annual review front cover 2014 © RSPCA

Thank you for your incredible support that's helped us win battle after battle against animal cruelty over the years. 2014 was no different, we’re still fighting. 

For several years we've experienced an alarming escalation of equines coming into our care, putthing huge strains of our resources. In 2014, we not only saw fewer horses coming in, but also a huge increase in rehoming as a result of our nationwide Homes for Horses appeal. We've also been working alongside governments in England and Wales, as always, to tackle problems at the source. 

In 2014, we also continued to fight for badgers and rallied public support to end the badger cull, we took steps to tackle the cat crisis by campaigning and working with vets to encourage cat neutering at four months old.

We also had some success in our campaign for responsible dog ownership with a breakthrough for compulsory microchipping and new dog breeding legislation in Wales.

In 2014 we said enough is enough

We saw some great success in 2014, but we still have far more to achieve in the coming years to continue improvements in animal welfare.

But, we can’t achieve our goals alone. We’ll rely on our partners, governments, other organisations and, most importantly, you to help us get there. Find out how you can get involved.


Other highlights from 2014

  • We investigated 159,831 cruelty complaints
  • We rescued and collected 128,209 animals
  • We carried out 320,128 microchippings, neuterings and treatments
  • We rehomed 53,263 animals in need of a second chance

Get the real life stories behind the statistics in our Annual Review 2014.