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Annual Review

Here for animals in need

2013 was a challenging year for us. The pressure increased from all sides, but with your overwhelming support we continued to be here.

Our volunteers and staff worked round the clock to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the hundreds of thousands of animals that came into our care.

Read about some of our amazing work from last year in our online Annual Review 2013 or download and print the PDF on the right.

Battling on

Read our online Annual Review 2013

Throughout our history we have won battle after battle against animal cruelty. And we’re still fighting.

In 2013, as the equine crisis continued, with more horses and ponies than ever needing our care, we faced a huge challenge in finding good homes and foster homes for them. The challenge continues.

And again, we have done battle over long-distance live animal transport. We have also fought to end badger culls which were doomed to fail; and engaged with government over flawed plans to introduce new dog legislation.

In 2013 we said enough is enough

As we begin the countdown to our 200th anniversary in 2024, we’ve committed ourselves to a defining purpose in tune with the scale of our ambition and our commitment to animals.

For nearly 200 years we have fought to end animal cruelty. In 2013 we have pulled together all our experience, knowledge and skill and built a clear picture of where we want to be by 2024 and how we will get there.

But, we can’t achieve our goals alone. We’ll rely on our partners, governments, other organisations and, most importantly, you to help us get there. Find out how you can get involved.


Other highlights from 2013

  • We investigated 153,770 cruelty complaints
  • We rescued and collected 245,590 animals
  • We carried out 320,404 microchippings, neuterings and treatments
  • We rehomed 55,323 animals in need of a second chance

Get the real life stories behind the statistics in our Annual Review 2013.