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Birds trapped or tangled in netting


If a bird or other animal is found entangled or trapped behind netting, then we recommend that you contact the RSPCA 24-hour cruelty and advice line 0300 1234 999 to report the incident.

Netting can be used on buildings to deter birds from roosting or nesting there. When done properly, such proofing methods can provide a long-term alternative to lethal control. If a bird becomes trapped behind netting, the owner of the building/construction site where the netting is situated should be informed. They should then take action and contact whoever erected the netting, as they will be responsible for ensuring it is appropriate for proofing in that location.  They will also need to carry out regular maintenance checks of the netting to prevent birds becoming injured or trapped.

Netting used in gardens or over ponds can be a hazard to wild animals. Take care to ensure that it has a mesh size of at least 4cm to reduce the risk of animals becoming entangled or trapped in it. Any netting that is not in use should be stored away or disposed of with other litter.

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