Rehoming and adoption

If you would like to give a pet that much needed second chance in life, then you’ve come to the right place.

The short video below explains how we rehome animals to ensure they have a happy future.

Most of the animals in our care have had a difficult start in life, having been victims of cruelty. For that reason we need to find special homes, with special people, who can help our pets to learn what it’s really like to be in a loving, caring home.

In 2012, we found the perfect pet for over 55,000 families and individuals.

If you would like to adopt one of the animals in our care, we will take you through a matchmaking process to help find not only the right home for our animals, but also the right animal for you.

Find your perfect pet

Enjoy the wonderful feeling that you’ve given a special home to an animal that needs it.

Use our pet search to find animals for adoption in your area.

Or check out our special appeals which feature long-stay animals bonded pairs and older animals.

Donate and support our rehoming work

Donate to support our dog rehoming work or our cat rehoming work and help more animals find loving homes.


Find a pet

Can you offer a forever home to an animal in our care?

Find a pet

Rehoming guides

Can you offer a special home to one of the animals in our care, where they will receive the love and support they deserve?

Cat rehoming guide

RSPCA Cat Rehoming Infographic

Dog rehoming guide

RSPCA Dog Rehoming Infographic