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Get Puppy Smart

Did you know that one fifth of people who bought a puppy in the past two years no longer have their dog?* It’s a really sad fact and ends up with more dogs needing rehoming.

Dogs can live for around 15 years or more so owning one is a big and long term commitment. Time spent now researching the right puppy for you will really make all the difference.

  • What are the dangers of buying cheap puppies online?
  • Have you thought about what sort of dog would suit your lifestyle?
  • Do you know how much a dog will cost per year?
  • Get top tips on how to find a good breeder and how to select a happy and healthy puppy.

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Born to suffer

The way puppies are bred today, in order to win shows, is having a huge impact on their health and welfare.

Find out more about the health and welfare issues experienced by many pedigree dogs as a result of the way they are bred.

*Research conducted by TNS via OnlineBus, an Internet survey. A sample of 7272 GB adults aged 16-24 were interviewed. Of these 848 people had acquired a puppy in the past two years. Interviewing was conducted by online self-completion from 23 November 2010 to 20 January 2011.