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Campaign to Stop the Cull

Latest News: The killing of badgers in Gloucestershire and Somerset has ended for a second year. We believe this cull is wrong and cruel with some badgers killed in the 2013 pilots taking longer than five minutes to die. There is a real threat that this cull could be rolled out far more widely meaning that even more badgers could suffer. Join us in calling on the new Environment Secretary, Liz Truss MP, to step in and call off the culls.


Why the badger cull will fail...

Team Badger Mythbusters report

The pilot badger culls initially began in Somerset and Gloucestershire in August 2013 as part of government measures to try and control the spread of bovine TB (bTB) - they ended in failure. The pilot culls failed to meet their ‘targets’ and there have been an embarrassing and costly catalogue of errors from start to finish. Despite this, the culls could soon roll out across the country.

Scientific consensus doesn't support a cull of badgers. More than 30 of the top animal disease experts describe the cull as a 'costly distraction' that risks making the problem of tuberculosis in cattle worse and that will cost far more than it saves.

As culling can't be selective many perfectly healthy badgers will be slaughtered as ‘collateral damage’. In fact, as many as six out of seven badgers killed could be bTB free.

We believe that vaccination, increased levels of testing and improved biosecurity are more effective ways of dealing with bTB in the long term.

Download our report Backing badgers - Why the cull will fail (PDF 974 KB) for more information about the flawed scientific arguments used to justify the cull.

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How you can help...

Be a voice for badgers…

Email the Environment Secretary, Liz Truss MP and urge her to do the right thing and call off the culls once and for all.

Act now for badgers!