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Animal cruelty stories

The following stories represent just a limited number of the animal cruelty cases that we come across on a regular basis.

Warning: You may find some of the details in these stories upsetting

A shocking story of neglect and assault 

German shepherd found wearing nylon muzzle

A breeder of German shepherds, who kept 15 dogs in appalling conditions, went on to assault the inspector who tried to help.

RSPCA Inspector Louise Labram had found the dogs, of varying ages, being kept in undersized kennels, some of which were filthy; without water, ventilation, bedding or natural light.

Four young dogs were found inside a child’s Wendy house, clearly unsocialised and untrained.

The woman had failed to maintain healthy coats for 14 of the dogs and had failed to groom them regularly. Four dogs had a respiratory infection and one, called Kakarot, was found collapsed with ulcers on his lips and ulcerated pressure sores on his left hip.

All the dogs were removed, however we allowed the woman supervised visits to see one of her dogs, called Bud, and take him for a walk.

A brutal attack

During her second visit, the woman became very argumentative and aggressive. She picked up some of Bud’s faeces and threw it at Louise’s face. She then clawed at her, yanked at her hair and kicked her in the stomach.

She’d also let Bud off the lead, so Louise had to try to keep hold of his collar as well as trying to protect herself. When the woman finally let go, she sat on the grass, smiling and fussing over Bud, leaving Louise in shock, with cuts and scratches on her neck and jaw, an injured scalp and faeces smeared in her hair.

The woman was subsequently convicted of assault and ordered to pay £200 compensation to inspector Louise Labram.

Speaking after the animal welfare prosecution Louise said:

The conditions these dogs were kept in were appalling. It took us a very long time to groom and unmat their coats as they were covered in urine and faeces. I had tried to help the defendant in the past, but she never made any improvements to the conditions these poor dogs were kept in.

The assault was horrible. As inspectors we are only trying to do what is best for the animals. It is not something we expect to happen, but sadly it seems to be happening more frequently.

Four of the German shepherds have been rehomed, but one had to be euthanased on veterinary advice.



Investigating officer: RSPCA Inspector Louise Labram
Defendant: Female 47, unemployed
Offences: Animal Welfare Act 2006 s4 and s9
Pleas: Guilty
Total number of convictions: Five
Sentence: Disqualified from keeping animals for life; 26 weeks’ imprisonment suspended for two years; two-year supervision order with 20-day requirement to attend the Springboard Programme; £1,500 costs.
Prosecuted by: Nicholas Sutton Solicitors


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