Prosecutions annual report 2012

prosecution annual report front cover PAR 2012 © RSPCA

Our prosecution annual report demonstrates how we address animal neglect and cruelty through prosecution.


Below you will find some of the cruelty stories we have dealt with over the last twelve months, broken down by county. Additionally there are the stories featured in the report.


Read the Prosecutions Annual Report 2012 online.

Warning - graphic content

The stories contained in this report contain graphic details, images and sometimes video of animal abuse, neglect and its consequences. This, sadly, is the true reality of what the RSPCA come across on a daily basis.


Animal cruelty stories by county


References to being disqualified from 'keeping' for disqualification orders made under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 refer to the full extent of section 34(2) of that Act which includes owning, keeping, participating in the keeping of and being party to an arrangement under which they are entitled to influence the way that animals are kept.