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A suitable environment for dogs

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Ensure your dog has a suitable place to live


Dogs need:

  • A comfortable, dry, draught-free, clean and quiet place to rest undisturbed. Living in a cold or wet place can cause a dog to suffer and may lead to illness.
  • Access to an appropriate place to go to the toilet at least every few hours. Without regular opportunities to go to the toilet a dog will become distressed.
  • Access to an appropriate place where they can exercise at least once a day. 
    - A dog needs regular opportunities to exercise.
  • Constant access to a safe hiding place where they can escape if they feel afraid. 
    - A dog must be able to avoid things that scare them. 
    - A dog may suffer if are unable to hide.
  • Access to suitable objects to chew and play with.
    - Dogs are intelligent. If they are bored, and don’t have enough to do, they may suffer.
  • Enough extra resources (e.g. toys, beds and hiding places) in multi-dog households to stop them from becoming competitive and fighting.
  • The size and temperature of any place you leave them (including your vehicle) to be appropriate.
  • To be comfortable and safe at all times when being transported.
  • An environment that is safe, secure and free from hazards. 
    - Dogs are inquisitive. A dog may put itself in danger if he/she is left to explore unsupervised.
  • To be kept under control and not allowed to stray.

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