The Great British bulldog has become somewhat of an icon. But just as not every resident of our great nation fits the Churchillian stereotype, not every English bulldog lives up to the stereo-typical attributes associated with the breed.

A British bulldogs character and traits

Bulldog standing in a field of green grass © istockphoto

Whilst bulldogs are thought by some to make loving and loyal pets who are courageous, strong and powerful, in truth this can vary greatly between individual bulldogs.

Each bulldog will develop a personality based substantially on their upbringing.

A puppy who is not properly trained and socialised may grow into a dog who is timid and shy. Not exactly the stiff upper lip you would expect from a supposed British icon.

Bulldogs can make wonderful pets, but this will very much depend on the environment in which they are raised and the training they receive.

Make sure you're prepared to give a puppy all the care it needs.

Bulldog puppies for sale

Pedigree and purebred bulldogs are often sought out because of their distinctive features.

But, before you rush out to buy the puppy you find so adorable (or even a pair of bulldog puppies!) do your homework.

The very same features that make a pedigree bulldog puppy appear adorable to you could lead to some serious health problems for the puppy. In many cases, their physical features have been selectively bred to become so exaggerated (PDF 76KB) that they cause pain and suffering and can prevent the dogs from behaving normally.

Don¿t be afraid to ask the bulldog puppy breeder questions (PDF 1.16MB). Find out as much about the bulldog puppies' health and history as possible.

Use the RSPCA/AWF Puppy contract to ensure that your getting a healthy, happy puppy, from healthy, happy parents. You also might want to consider insuring your dog to help with those unexpected costs.