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What is sponsorship?

Sponsors are the beating heart of our animal centres. Every tail-wagging dog who leaves our care for their happy-ever-after home has you to thank.

As a sponsor you'll sign up to give a regular monthly gift – and we'll stay in touch with photos and updates on how you help. You’ll give dogs safety and shelter plus everything they need to transform their lives. From veterinary treatment to training, food and cuddles, we can help give dogs every kind of care they need to see the bright future they deserve. You could also sponsor both dog kennels and cat pods!

  • Your generous sponsorship helps us care for vulnerable dogs, giving them:

    • Warm, clean kennel
    • Nutritious food
    • Any vet care that’s needed
    • Specialist behaviour training
    • Socialisation training so they can get used to being around people
    • One-to-one attention and loving care from our dedicated, expert staff
    • Help to find their forever home
  • When you become a sponsor, you’ll be supporting dogs in our kennels. Your generosity will help give rescued animals a safe and warm place to stay plus every kind of care, food, vet treatments and love they need to enjoy a happy, healthy future.

  • Each dog has their own kennel, unless they come to us as a pair who will be happier sharing. Puppies stay with their mothers and siblings.

    Dog kennels

    Our kennels are cosy, warm and calm spaces, with sound-proofed ceilings to help reduce noise and provide a quiet environment for nervous dogs. Each kennel also has its own outdoor area so that dogs have space to play and stretch their legs. Of course, every dog also gets plenty of time in our special exercise areas where they can run around, chase balls and receive the training they need.

    When you become a sponsor, you’re not just paying for kennels, you’re also giving dogs the training, vital vet care, food and love they need to have a happy, healthy future.

  • As one of our sponsors, you’ll get:

    A welcome pack that will show you how your sponsorship is helping. You’ll also hear all about some of the animals whose lives have been transformed thanks to sponsors like you!

    Regular updates by email and post with a closer look at how we’re putting your sponsorship into action – We may phone or send text messages too with heart-warming stories about the incredible animals whose lives you are helping to transform.

  • Absolutely! We love having visits from our sponsors. If you’d like to visit, please make an appointment first so we can make sure we can welcome you. For more information contact your local RSPCA animal centre.

Figures from 2022

Incredible transformations

From a broken leg to a bright future

When abandoned dog Steve arrived with a badly broken leg, our RSPCA Sponsors helped give him the care he needed to recover. Now fully healed, he’s enjoying life with his new family.

From locked away to loved and cared for

Ruby was found locked up in a small room with no food or water. Thanks to RSPCA Sponsors, we were able to give her the loving care she needed to get back to health.

From frightened of people to social and loving

Otis’s cruel treatment made him terrified of humans. With the help of our sponsors, he slowly got used to being around people and he's now a calm and confident dog.