Seasonal advice for summer

We receive many enquiries and reports about the welfare of animals over the summer months, particularly when it's very hot. Find out how to help animals enjoy summer as much as you do! 

Please call us on 0300 1234 999 where there is an animal welfare emergency; if an animal is in danger of harm due to suffering cruelty or neglect or is sick, injured or trapped and needs our help. We have to prioritise emergencies and the animals who need us most so another organisation may be able to help more quickly - injured wildlife can be taken to local wildlife rescues or vets. If you see a dog in a hot car we would urge you to ring 999 for help as we may not be able to attend quickly enough and, with no powers of entry, we'd need police assistance.

Top tips for keeping pets cool in hot weather

Never leave animals in cars, conservatories, outbuildings or caravans on a warm day, even if it's just for a short while. When it's 22°C outside, temperatures can quickly rise to 47°C (117°F) in these environments which can be deadly. You can also keep your pets safe by using a pet-safe sun cream on exposed parts of your pets skin, and of course, by providing plenty of access to shade and constant access to fresh water. It's also worth checking pets regularly for flystrike. You can also help your pets cool down by putting ice cubes in their water bowl or by providing damp towels for them to lie on.

Going on a summer holiday?

Whether you're taking your pet with you or finding a safe place for them to stay whilst you're away check out our going on holiday advice for pet owners.

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