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Education and animal welfare

Prevent cruelty, promote compassion

Our animal education website is where you’ll find activities and information to help children learn about animals and how they can give them a better life.

Online resources

We work with teachers and other professionals, together with children and their families, to develop lessons and activities – all available for free.

Our lessons connect children with animals through their own experiences, offering plenty of wider learning opportunities (such as citizenship and PSHE). We also have a range of practical activities for young people so they can make animals’ lives better. Each comes with their own certificate, designed to recognise and celebrate actions towards improving animals’ welfare.

Education and community engagement hubs

We work with local communities to offer animal welfare education where opportunities to engage with animals are otherwise limited. Each hub offers different experiences that cater to the needs of children and young people.

Improving relationships with animals

We work with professionals to support and educate young people where there are concerns around behaviour towards animals. By providing resources and advice we aim to improve relationships between humans and animals.