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Make incredible transformations possible for vulnerable cats and dogs  in our care. Your Sponsorship could provide the vital veterinary treatment, food, shelter and care that rescued animals need to have the happy, healthy and loving future they deserve.
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Sponsors helped transform the lives of

1,252 dogs

in our centres in 2022

Sponsors helped transform the lives of

2,773 cats

in our centres in 2022

What is sponsorship?

When you become an RSPCA Sponsor, you could take cats and dogs from their most vulnerable to the happiest, healthiest and most loved they have ever felt. 

Often cats and dogs arrive at RSPCA centres in a terrible state. Your Sponsorship could help give them safe, warm Kennels and Pods. You could give them the vital care and veterinary treatment they need to recover. And you could give them a team of dedicated experts to play with them, train them and show them they are loved. Start your Sponsorship today.

  • How will my money help?

    Your generous Sponsorship helps us to care for vulnerable cats and dogs in RSPCA centres, providing:

    • Dog Kennels and Cat Pods
    • Nutritious food
    • Vital veterinary care
    • Specialist behavioural training 
    • Socialisation training so they can get used to being around people
    • One-to-one attention and loving care from our dedicated, expert staff
    • Help to find their forever home
  • Do I sponsor a specific dog or cat?

    When you become an RSPCA Sponsor, you sponsor either our Dog Kennels or our Cat Pods (or Both) in our animal centres. Your generosity will help provide many rescued animals with a safe pod/kennel to stay – as well as all the care, food, veterinary attention and love they need to enjoy a happy, healthy future.

  • What do Dog Kennels and Cat Pods look like?

    Each animal has their own Kennel or Pod, unless they come to us as a pair, in which case they might share. Puppies and kittens stay with their mothers and littermates.

    Dog Kennels

    Dog Kennels are cosy, warm and calm spaces, with acoustic ceilings to help reduce noise and provide a quiet environment for nervous dogs. Each also comes with its own outdoor area so that dogs have space to play and stretch their legs. Of course, every dog also gets plenty of time in our special exercise areas where they can run around, chase balls and receive the training they need.

    Cat Pods

    Cat Pods are comfy and warm, with a cosy bed where timid cats can have plenty of privacy if they want it. They also each have their own outdoor area where cats can exercise, enjoy their food and water, play with their toys and use their scratch posts to keep their claws sharp.

    Of course, when you become an RSPCA Sponsor, you’re not just sponsoring Pods or Kennels, you’re also giving dogs and cats everything that comes with these – the care, training, vital veterinary care, food and love they need to have a happy, healthy future.

  • What’s included in my sponsorship
    As an RSPCA Sponsor, you’ll get:

    A Sponsor’s pack welcoming you on board, packed with information about how your Sponsorship is helping. You’ll also hear all about some of the animals whose lives have been transformed thanks to Sponsors like you!

    Regular updates with a closer look at how we’re putting your Sponsorship into action – as well as heartwarming stories about the incredible animals whose lives you are helping to transform.

    You can let us know if you’d like to hear from us by email or post when you sign up to be a Sponsor.
  • Can I visit an RSPCA animal centre?

    Absolutely! We love having visits from our Sponsors. If you’d like to visit, please make an appointment first so we can make sure we can accommodate you. For more information contact your local RSPCA animal centre.

Transformations made possible