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Philanthropy and major giving

Thank you for your interest in supporting us. We rely on compassionate people like you to help create a better world for every kind of animal. By investing in the future of animal welfare, your major gift or grant can help save animals in need and achieve meaningful, lasting change for animal welfare.

Partnering with the RSPCA

As a valued philanthropic partner you’ll be joining a generation of inspirational changemakers who believe that every animal deserves our kindness. By standing with our teams of animal rescue experts, you’ll play a vital role in creating a better, kinder world for all animals.

When you make a gift of £5,000 or more, you’ll receive a highly tailored experience which aligns with your values and interests. This could include opportunities to visit animals you’ve helped care for, meet RSPCA experts and senior leaders, volunteer your time, or attend exclusive special events and networking opportunities to connect with compassionate, like-minded people. 

To ensure that your generosity achieves the greatest impact, you’ll also have a personal point of contact in the philanthropy team who’ll align your passion with the projects helping animals most in need. You’ll receive regular personalised updates so you know how your gift has been spent and the lasting results you have achieved for animal welfare.

And finally, if it feels appropriate to you, we’d love to acknowledge your generosity publicly.

Get in touch

We look forward to getting to know you and are excited about what we can achieve together. If you’d like to learn more about how you can help safeguard the future of animal welfare or find areas of our work that align with your goals, please contact the Philanthropy team today.

Alternatively, email us at