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What is it like to volunteer with us?

Did you know that we have more than 60 different types of volunteering roles and­ over 60 percent of our animal welfare work is carried out locally by volunteers?

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A few hours of your time would make a huge difference to the animals in our care.

Variety of volunteering roles

Volunteers are so important to the work we do, from helping out our local branches, teaching school children about animal welfare needs and supporting our events.

Our frontline work is now also supported by volunteers who are helping us respond to the 50,000 calls we receive every year to rescue birds. Our new animal rescue volunteers will be attending some of these incidents, helping inspectors to rescue birds up to the size of a gull.

Meet our volunteers

One of our volunteer veterinary nurse students shares their volunteering story at Mallydams Wildlife Hospital.

Some of our current volunteers gave us a taste of what it means to work with us.

I've been attending the Ipswich Animal Welfare Clinic as a client with my dogs for about 18 years. The manager Sue recognised my love for animals and asked if I would like to help out at the clinic.

It's a very busy place to volunteer but I have an amazing sense of self-worth and overwhelming love of helping the animals. I have been fully trained by Sue and my role involves helping with medical dispensation. Everyone is so supportive. Volunteering at the clinic has given me a new lease of life.

Rob Milldown, animal welfare volunteer

I go along and present the work of the RSPCA, either to the whole school or small groups with workshops that help them understand the five animal welfare needs.

I also get them to role-play being an inspector to learn about the work they do. I have presented from groups ranging from 25 to 320! It's great to see the children engaged and understanding the five needs.

Sarah Groves, volunteer school speaker

Volunteering for the Big Walkies is one of my 'smiley' days. You can't stop yourself from smiling when all the dogs are around. They are so excited and happy to be out, meeting other dogs.

I love the feeling of making a contribution to the RSPCA which helps animals that do not have a choice as to who their owner is or the way that they are treated. I would really encourage everyone to volunteer for Big Walkies. Make it your 'smiley' day too!

Debbie Gadd, event volunteer

A branch works as a separate charity run by volunteers. I take part in making business decisions, improving local animal welfare, organising events, raising awareness and so on. Our aim is to make the branch successful. The time commitment is flexible - I do one or two hours a day.

I really enjoy having input into how we can best help animals in our local area. Some might think that it sounds a bit scary to be a trustee, and it can be difficult sometimes, but you are part of a team working for a common goal - you are never on your own!

Mandy Christopher, branch trustee

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