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Animal rescues

Here to help animals in need of rescue

Every year we receive hundreds of thousands of calls reporting animals in need.

We rescue animals from accidents and injury

Pets, wildlife and farm animals can all find themselves in need of a little assistance from time to time. When they do, we're here to help.

We get called out to all sorts of accidents, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We rescue animals from cruelty and neglect

We are the only animal welfare charity prosecuting those who harm animals and in 2015 we secured 1,781 convictions.

Our officers rescue the animals most in need and offer them safety and treatment at our centres until they can be rehomed or released.

Can you offer a rescued pet a forever home? We'll help you find the perfect pet for you.

We rescue abandoned animals and offer them shelter

It's never ok to abandon an animal and yet we regularly receive calls from concerned members of the public about animals who have been left out in the cold.

With your help, we give abandoned animals a second chance. Help us to continue to be there for animals who need us. Please, make a donation.

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