Payroll Giving

Donating through your salary

Payroll Giving (also known as Give As You Earn) is a simple way to make regular donations to us straight from your salary. You can donate as much or as little as you like and you can stop your donation at any time. Best of all, it's tax-free! For every £1 you give it will only cost you 80p (or if you're a higher rate taxpayer, 60p).

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By donating through your company’s payroll, you’ll be helping us to rescue and care for animals in need and to educate and inspire people to act on behalf of animals, just like you are.

How does it work

By setting up a donation through your salary you can help us to stop animal cruelty.

  • In 2021 our animal rescue line received 1,081,018 calls from members of the public. That's the equivalent of one call every 30 seconds.
  • Our Inspectorate dealt with over 138,000 welfare incidents in 2021.
  • As a registered charity (with no shareholders) any money we receive goes directly towards our running costs.
  • In 2021 we investigated over 51,000 complaints of animal cruelty.

I donate monthly through my payroll - it was really easy to set up and because the payment is taken pre-tax, it's the most cost-effective way to give. I chose the RSPCA because the work they do is wonderful - they are there for the pets we love but also for our precious wildlife. They rescue, rehabilitate and rehome or release and I love to think I am helping them to do that, in some small way.

Kim - RSPCA Payroll Giver

I signed up for Payroll Giving because it's a simple and tax-effective way of donating to a charity close to my heart. The sign-up process is incredibly quick and easy, and as the donation comes straight out of my salary each month everything is done for me. There is strength in numbers and If we all chip in with a tiny amount of our salary each month we can make a huge difference.

Jack - RSPCA Payroll Giver

I love the fact that I know that I contribute to a good cause every month. And because it’s done via Payroll Giving, I forget and don't feel the difference in salary.

RSPCA Supporter

It's a very good idea as people are worried about giving their bank details out.

RSPCA Supporter

It's painless, doesn't involve much action on the giver's part and is regular income for the charity.

RSPCA Supporter

If you have any questions about payroll giving please contact

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