Prioritising animals in need

Dedicated to preventing animal cruelty

Abandoned puppy Little Bob © RSPCA

We are dedicated to preventing animal cruelty, neglect and suffering.

We are a charity, with limited resources, and we need to ensure there are enough spaces in our centres to take in those animals most in need.

Sadly, this means our centres aren't always able to take in stray animals or unwanted pets.

This is not a decision we have made lightly, but it is the only way we can continue to be there for those animals who are the victims of neglect, cruelty and abuse. 

So what happens to unwanted and stray animals?

Unwanted pets

There are other animal shelters which may be able to help, however we would always encourage owners to think twice before giving up an unwanted pet.

Stray animals

Those who have found a stray animal are asked to follow the advice below:

  • Dogs - visit our stray dogs page for more information.
  • Cats - visit our stray cats pages for more information.
  • Equines and farm animals - contact the police.

The power to prosecute

Tiny abandoned puppy Little Bob © RSPCA

We see so many terrible animal cruelty stories.

You have the power to help us rescue cruelly treated animals and ensure that their abusers are prosecuted.

Please, make a donation online

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