Find a wildlife rescue centre

Need to find out where the nearest wildlife rescue centre is? We might have one close to you. If not there are other wildlife centres to take in injured animals.

It's always important to make sure the animal needs help first, as they might be better left alone.

Check the animal needs help first

Different animals require different approaches. Check our wildlife animal pages for what to do.

How to handle an injured animal.

Baby bunny being fed at animal centre
 Baby bunny being fed at animal centre

Our wildlife centres

We have four wildlife centres. They take injured, sick and orphaned wild animals for care and rehabilitation. When ready the wild animal is released back into the wild.

Our Wildlife Centres work different hours to meet the needs of their local casualties. The best time to make contact with them is between 9-5 Monday to Friday.
Some of our branches and centres can take wildlife. Find your local RSPCA to see if they have this service available.

Other wildlife centres and services

If you're looking for a wildlife rehabilitator and don't live near one of our wildlife centres, find other services available near you: