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Role model



A close-up of a rescued cat being stroked by their new owner

As a pet owner, I:

Please select all that apply

Take my pet to the vet when they need treatment and for regular healthcare like vaccinations and worming

Feed my pet a nutritious diet they enjoy and keep them a healthy weight

Give my pet a safe and comfortable environment with space to exercise and rest as they choose

Make sure my pet can act how they naturally would, like running and digging

Make sure my pet can do what makes them happy, like play and socialising with their own kind if they want to

I do not own a pet

close-up of British Bulldog breed of dog

I disagree with:

Please select all that apply

Using animals for entertainment on TV, online and in real life, for example in circuses

Breeding and buying flat-faced animals, such as French bulldogs, Persian cats and Netherland dwarf rabbits

Dressing up animals for reasons other than warmth and comfort

Intensive farming methods such as fast growing chickens and caging animals

Social media platforms allowing videos of animal cruelty to be shared

Local RSPCA branches helping out with food bank schemes

I have:

Please select all that apply

Taken part in an animal welfare campaign or petition

Volunteered for an animal charity

Donated to or bought a product from an animal charity

Spread the word about animal welfare, for example sharing posts on social media or having conversations with family and friends

Educated myself on animal welfare issues, for example watching a documentary, reading an article or researching online

An rspca volunteer helping at an rspca charity shop

When I go shopping, I:

Please select all that apply

Don’t buy or have reduced buying meat or fish products

Don’t buy or have reduced buying dairy products

Buy higher welfare meat, fish and dairy products, like RSPCA Assured

Check on the welfare of animals before buying leisure/tourism activities

Reduced using and purchasing single-use plastics

Primary school children learning about the danger of litter and wildlife

I would:

Please select all that apply

Vote for a local or national government that supports animal welfare

Support greater animal welfare protection online, for example on social media

Support teaching animal welfare in schools

Share animal welfare campaigns / petitions with friends

Share articles or documentaries about animal welfare with family and friends

garden bird using bird feeder

In my garden and public spaces, I have:

Please select all that apply

Created a habitat for wildlife, for example a hedgehog house or insect hotel

Fed wildlife, for example by using a bird feeder

Created a water source for wildlife, for example a pond or bird bath

Planted wildlife-friendly trees, plants and flowers

Taken part in a litter pick

Animal Kindness Index 2023

The Kindness quiz was made from the research findings in RSPCA’s Animal Kindness Index 2023. The Index was produced together with the Scottish SPCA and Ulster SPCA. Read more about the Animal Kindness Index 2023 here and find out more about your local SPCA below.