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dog rspca
RSPCA Cymru's animal welfare wishes for 2022
With Christmas and the new year just around the corner, we've been busy reflecting on the many achievements made for animals in Wales over the last year, along with our welfare wishes for 2022.
dog christmas
Be #DogKind: Don't leave your pooch wishing for company this Christmas
But some of our other pups prefer to stay away from the heart of our celebrations, as it can be a bit too overwhelming for them - even for some usually confident dogs.
barking puppy
Barking dogs: A sign of separation anxiety?
Dogs can bark for many reasons and it may sometimes be because they are in distress, bored or scared.
rspca crab
Sentience Bill recognises that crabs have feelings: Why this is a true mark of progress
The Sentience Bill went to Report Stage on Monday 6 December with no amends. What does this mean for animal welfare?
Preparing your puppy for their first Christmas
"We have made sure that Peanut has had lots of opportunities to meet new people and pets but, even so, she's never had to contend with a house full of guests and all the chaos that comes with Christmas."
Pill pig
We can't combat the medical timebomb of antibiotic resistance if we don't first change how we farm

How our relationship with animals and the natural world has a direct impact on our health.

rspca cows
Why COP26 must address animal issues
We have a climate AND nature crisis on our hands, up to one million plant and animal species face extinction, with many already on the brink.
rspca david amess
Sir David Amess MP - a true champion for animals
We at the RSPCA will be working hard to carry on the work he started but so sadly never completed.
rspca fireworks
Frightening fireworks: Claire's Story
"It takes a long time to undo the trauma it causes for him each year."
fireworks rspca
Frightening fireworks: Katie and Ellen's Story
"A horse does not have to be touched by a firework to receive massive and sometimes fatal injuries."