Stop live exports

Long-distance journeys cause unnecessary suffering to animals. These journeys subject animals to mental exhaustion, physical injury, hunger, dehydration and stress from the extremes of heat or cold. It's time to #StopLiveExports.

Government consultation can end live animal export

After more than 50 years of campaigning, we're thrilled that the UK is a step closer to banning live animal exports. UK and Welsh Governments have announced a consultation and we need as many people as possible to respond so that we can make live animal exports history.

Take action for farm animals

There are two ways that you can do this. To save you time, our own quick response action pulls out the most relevant questions in the consultation for you, or you can respond to the full consultation on Defra's website.

The consultation closes in

Quick response to key questions in the consultation

In a couple of clicks, your response will be sent to the consultation review team at Defra.

Respond to the full consultation

If you would like to respond to the consultation in full, or partially by focusing on the questions in our action, you can do so on Defra's consultation page.

Please feel free to copy and paste our answers to the specific questions in the online consultation document, these are the same answers as in our action.

Full Defra consultation