Together, we can cancel out cruelty this summer.

Each year animal cruelty reaches its terrible annual peak in the summer months - when an animal is beaten on average every hour of every day.

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What is animal cruelty?

Animal cruelty is when someone causes harm to an animal, whether intentional or not. Every summer, we see a rise in the number of reported cases. We are calling on everyone to take a stand.

But what can I do to cancel out cruelty? There is a range of opportunities for everyone to make a difference to animals everywhere. From donations that help keep our inspectors on the road to volunteering and fundraising.

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Our work in action

Last summer, we saw a series of horrific reports in just one day - from a kitten beaten to death to squirrels being drowned. We also responded to a dog being given drugs to make him high and to a dead white rabbit that was found with overgrown teeth as well as bruising and swelling on his leg.
4,630 calls in just one day
97 cases of cruelty reported
1 call every 8 seconds
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Severely burnt dog trusts again

For 10 days and without vet care, Buddy suffered horrific second-degree burns. Now, thanks to RSPCA care and his new family, Buddy has finally healed.

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Team animal dog mascot at fundraiser

Kittens survive severe injuries

Smudge and Bean suffered multiple, severe injuries at just seven months old. Now the pair are happy in their new homes after learning to trust again.

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Support your local RSPCA branch

If you'd prefer to support the RSPCA near you, donate directly to your local branch.
90,000 calls about animals in need every month

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How you can get involved

Volunteer at RSPCA animal centre

Become a volunteer

Volunteers are vital to what we do. Anyone can volunteer. We value diversity and encourage volunteers from all sections of the community.

How to volunteer
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We're asking animal lovers of all ages to do #50MilesForAnimals.

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Volunteer at RSPCA animal centre

Keep in touch

We promise to keep in touch by sharing our rescue stories, news of the work we do, campaigning and appeals.

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