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No animal deserves cruelty.

We receive more reports of cruelty in summer than at any other time of year. That’s why we’ve launched the RSPCA Summer Cruelty Appeal, because it’s vital that we all take action together.

Every five minutes, someone calls us to report an animal being abused

As the days grow longer, animal cruelty has fewer places to hide. And in summer, the number of cases reaches a terrible peak. 

No animal deserves heartbreaking abuse. Animals are like us: they feel desperation, confusion and terror. They feel every punch, every broken bone and every burn. 

That’s why, together, we must stand against cruelty and continue to be there for the animals who desperately need our help now. To rescue them from harm and give them the lives they deserve – free from terror and torment and full of care and kindness.


£10 a month could cover the cost of nourishing food for abused animals like Loki.

Watch our story of resilience 

This animated film brings to life the powerful story of resilience, seen in so many animals we rescue. Despite facing unimaginable cruelty, this sweet puppy's spirit remained unbroken. Thankfully, our animal rescue teams are there to step in and provide the care needed to heal.

Learn how together we can change animals' lives. Explore Loki's remarkable journey and his inspiring rescue below.

This summer, we'll receive a call to help an animal like Loki every five minutes*

*Based on incidents of cruelty reported to the RSPCA, between June and August 2023

See the difference your donation could make


If you prefer to support the RSPCA’s work in your area, donate directly to your nearest branch.

Your support helps the RSPCA to rehabilitate rescued animals like this  seal