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Badly abused Loki survives against the odds

If his vet hadn’t called us, gentle Loki could still be suffering at the hands of his abuser. Thanks to those who stood up for him, this friendly puppy got a second chance at life. But too many other animals are still facing unspeakable cruelty alone. 

By Loki's RSPCA Inspector

Loki has overcome such cruelty

Seeing Loki in his new home is a joy. He’s living a fun, adventurous life and it's clear new owners Fabi and Chris love him to bits. He loves games with his rope toy and ball, and his playful nature is coming through at last.

Loki’s vet called us to investigate because she suspected cruelty. The puppy was covered in lumps, swellings and bruises. X-rays revealed his ribs and paws were fractured all over. Despite the pain he must have been in, Loki greeted us with a wagging tail. The trust he still had for humans broke my heart.

His vet confirmed he was suffering and a police officer handed him safely into RSPCA care. We moved him to our Sussex North and Brighton branch for ongoing treatment – and all the care and attention he’d been missing out on.

It’s because of generous donations and your support that animals like Loki are able to receive the vital treatment they desperately need.

I was overjoyed when my RSPCA colleague Helen Allen offered to foster him and keep him out of kennels.

As Loki’s fractures healed, so did his confidence. “He became my best friend for the next 10 months,” says Helen. “We did everything together – going to parks and cafés, swimming in the sea and even paddle-boarding!”

When we brought Loki’s owner to justice, I felt so grateful to Loki’s vet for calling us, and staff like Helen who went above and beyond. It's thanks to them that Loki could go on to be adopted by Fabi and Chris and get the love he deserves.

Happy endings like Loki’s make all the hard parts of my job worthwhile. But so many animals are still facing cruelty.

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Loki enjoying his new life

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