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Reports of abandoned animals are set to surge by almost 50 percent* - we need your help today

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No animal should have to suffer a slow and painful death. But sadly, this could be the fate of thousands upon thousands of vulnerable animals this summer.

Last year, we received a staggering 50 percent increase in calls about animal abandonment compared to winter, with an average of nine animals reported every single hour.*

One of these animals was Penny. She was found collapsed by a rubbish heap on a blisteringly hot day in June. When we got to her, she was suffering from severe dehydration and hyperthermia, so weak she could barely lift her head. Had we arrived only a few hours later, she might not have survived.

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2017 cruelty stats © RSPCA

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*Based on a 49 percent increase in the number of animals reported as abandoned to our cruelty line from June – August 2017 compared to December – February 2016/17. From June to August 2017, 10,646 animal abandonment reports were logged, which involved 20,440 animals.